Space Age Coffee Table

By Admin | May 1, 2023

The Space Age Coffee Table: A Blast from the Past

In the 1950s and 60s, the world was captivated by the space race. The launch of Sputnik, the first artificial satellite, in 1957, ignited a new era of scientific exploration and innovation. This excitement and optimism about space exploration found its way into popular culture, including design and decor. The Space Age Coffee Table was a product of this era. These tables were designed to evoke the feeling of space travel and exploration. They often featured sleek, futuristic designs with bold colors and geometric shapes. Some tables even had built-in lights or rotating globes, adding to their space-age appeal. ### Design Characteristics Classic space age coffee tables are characterized by a few key features that have made them enduring design icons. 1.

Atomic Age Design:

Inspired by the optimism and energy of the atomic age, these coffee tables often feature bold and exaggerated shapes, such as boomerang or starburst patterns, geometric patterns, and sharp angles. 2.

Use of Materials:

Space age coffee tables commonly utilize materials that reflect the jet set glamour and technological advancements of the time. Plastic, fiberglass, chrome, and metal are popular choices, while wood is often used with contrasting materials. 3.

Variety of Shapes:

Space age coffee tables come in a wide range of forms. They may be round or oval, square or rectangular, or even irregular or free-form. 4.

Bold Colors and Patterns:

Color is a crucial element in space age coffee tables. Vibrant and saturated colors, such as orange, turquoise, yellow, and red, are common. Patterns are often geometric, linear, or inspired by space imagery like stars or planets. 5.

Innovative Features:

Some space age coffee tables incorporated innovative features that added to their appeal. These could include hidden compartments, built-in lighting, rotating tops, or even built-in record players. ### Space Age Coffee Tables Today While the 1950s and 60s remain the golden era for space age coffee tables, these iconic pieces continue to enjoy popularity today. Their unique design and historical significance make them sought-after items for collectors and enthusiasts of mid-century modern decor. Modern designers have also found inspiration in the space age era, creating new coffee tables that capture the spirit of the originals while incorporating contemporary elements. These tables often combine traditional materials like wood with modern materials like acrylic or metal. They may also feature updated colors and patterns to suit modern tastes. ### Tips for Incorporating a Space Age Coffee Table into Your Decor 1.

Mix and Match:

Space age coffee tables can be a bold statement piece, so consider pairing them with more neutral furniture to create balance. 2.

Embrace Bold Colors:

Don't be afraid to incorporate the vibrant colors of space age coffee tables into your decor. These tables can add a pop of color and energy to a room. 3.

Choose the Right Size:

Consider the size of your space when selecting a space age coffee table. Oversized tables may overwhelm a small room, while a petite table may get lost in a large space. 4.

Create a Mid-Century Modern Theme:

If you want to fully embrace the space age aesthetic, consider decorating your entire living room in a mid-century modern style. This includes choosing furniture with clean lines, geometric patterns, and bold colors. The Space Age Coffee Table is a unique and stylish piece of furniture that can add a touch of retro charm to any home. Whether you're a collector of mid-century modern furniture or just looking for a unique conversation piece, a space age coffee table is sure to make a statement.

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